Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who Replaces the Mullet?

With Barry Melrose accepting the coaching position in Tampa Bay today a small void has been left in the world. Who can replace the mullet? Now, we ask this question in two facets: a.) Who becomes the talking head at ESPN and b.) Who replaces the televised mullet?

ESPN has been ignoring hockey well for the past three years but has shown a little bit of interest as the playoffs picked up. They showed this by bringing along Don Cherry through the playoffs and really exposing to Americans not living on the border what they have missed all this time. But, someone needs to pick up that slack that Melrose is going to leave behind. Because we all know that someone needs to do the Melrose Line podcast and warm the Sportscenter chair for the ten minutes that Melrose had of TV time. So, without further ado here are the choices.

E.J Hradek: Hradek has been making the rounds on ESPN for a while now, mostly appearing on ESPNEWS. He has a good knowledge of the game and probably would make for a suitable replacement. The only dig on him is that no one really knows who he is.

Ray Ferraro: Former NHL2nighter, Ferraro is a former player who has had experience under the lights working for ESPN as well as NBC and Sportsnet in Canada. Ferraro would make a great studio analyst and probably suit the role the best for ESPN.

Darren Pang: My dark horse for this "competition." Panger also used to be an analyst for ESPN until they got out of hockey three years ago. Currently, he is the color analyst for the Phoenix Coyotes and doing a mighty fine job if I say so myself. The one thing that makes Darren Pang stand out is that he is so damn recognizable. Once a hockey fan sees or hears for that matter Pang they normally watch. Well I think so in that regard.

Finally, there is only one answer the second question. That is Brian Engblom.

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