Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Legacy May Come to an End

Derek over at 3rd Man In reminded me of something that is somewhat upsetting to think about. This is the final year of Rick Jeanneret's contract which signals a possible end to the legacy known as RJ. This also means that the position has to be filled. But the main question is who?

Replacement 1 would be Kevin Sylvester which probably does not please many Sabres fans. Sylvester tried his hand at the play-by-play position last season as a replacement for RJ while he went on vacation. While he started rather rocky trying to emulate someone who he wasn't, he finally grew into the role in the second game. This leads to a situation in the studio crew with the void that would have to be filled.

Replacement 2 is sort of a wild card. Mark Jeanneret is the play-by-play guy for the Erie Otters. He may be a better replacement of sorts for RJ because of the similarities in their voices. Mark sounds a lot like his father when he started so it would feel more like a blast from the past for Sabres fans.

The other question for the organization is whether or not to have a seperate radio crew. The Sabres are one of the few teams that have only one crew for television and radio mainly for the legacy of Jeanneret. With the retirement of RJ they may be a need for two seperate crews.

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