Sunday, August 17, 2008

So I Havent Forgotten About the Blog

I just have been so busy in the last two weeks that I havent written anything in a while. And its not like there is a major rush of news in the month of August. The only major Sabres story is the addition of Teppo Numinen again this season. This was a good addition only if Teppo can give some leadership that this team lacked last season. With his experience in the defensive corps, it can only make players like Sekera, Weber, and Paestch a little bit better.

On the NLL front, the news is even slower. The only news semi related to the Bandits is that former Bandit Jason Crosbie has signed with the Toronto Rock. Not a major shift in the conference but could be a shooting factor on the notoriously defensive Rock.

Since the month of August is starting to wind down and that training camp starts in about a month, I will start to get more and more coverage of things to start to wet the appetite again.

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