Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Devils Thoughts

Since I never actually posted a gameday post, I should post some remarks about this game.

  • This team must have lost its confidence in the effectiveness of shooting the puck. They just get way too damn cute trying to make the goal look good, instead of just scoring the damn thing. This team needs to get back to basics with shooting and just shoot first instead of shoot last.
  • Kaleta was a good callup in terms of a hitting and physical spark that this team needed, but is Kaleta really ready to play full seasons here. I really don't think so in that he brings a great physical game but really not much else. He can hit, but also has a tendency to turtle in the face of confrontation. So while he may bring a spark, I can't see him cracking the lineup everyday.
  • Miller was pretty much the only shining point throughout most of this game. He looked really good in net, besides the shootout, and made too many saves to keep this team in the game in the first point. He earned the point and lost the other one by really not being set on the Elias goal and just looking almost startled and way out of position.
  • Can this team stop giving away the puck. Ever? Giveaways were 8-1 for the Sabres. 8 giveaways led to countless breakaway situations and just stupid chances. The first thing this team needs to do to break out of this streak is stop giving away the puck.

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