Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Props and Knocks from the Winter Classic

  • The City of Buffalo and Sabres fans in general: This one was too easy. Sabres fans are probably one of the best groups of fans in the league and it showed during the game. 73,000 strong showed up at the Ralph and another 11,500 showed up at the arena. No matter where you watched the game, you could feel the intensity and passion these fans have for the game.
  • Lindy Ruff and the Sabres coaches: Nice choice on those jackets.
  • Mother Nature: Thanks for the snow, much appreciated.
  • NBC: From what I heard, it was all Sidney Crosby love, but since I was at the arena and heard Rick all game, I couldn't tell you. My major knock was the camera angles. It couldn't of hurt to use the rail cam on this game because of the fact that the rink was so far away from the camera that you couldn't see all of the ice. Not such a major knock but still.
  • Mother Nature: Could you have not snowed so much?
All in all, the Winter Classic was a good game, sans the fact that the Sabres lost, but seriously should this be a regular season game. Wouldn't the outdoor idea work wonders for an all-star game that no one really pays attention to anyways. It would be a good idea to generate some buzz and then all of the stars of the league would be showcased, instead of just Sid the Kid.

Also, good news coming in from the TV Ratings of the game. Here is the link

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