Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blazer Expansion Draft Protected List

The expansion draft for the Boston Blazers has been officially announced for July 24th at 2pm. Each team can protect a maximum of 14 players, either 10 runners and 2 goalies or 13 runners and 1 goalie. The protected player list is as follows from
Buffalo Protected
Accursi, Mike
Bucktooth, Brett
Dostie, Kevin
Greenhalgh, Sean
Montour, Ken
Powless, Delby
Smith, Billy Dee
Steenhuis, Mark
Tavares, John
Thompson, Mike
Vyse, Roger
White, Chris

This means that players like Cory Bomberry, Clay Hill, Rich Kilgour, Pat McCready could be the Bandit casualty. Only one player can be taken from each team. So who do you think is heading to Boston?
For the rest of the protected players around the league, look here

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