Monday, July 28, 2008

The Sabres can tap into the Toronto Market Too

The Sabres announced their pricing tiers for this year with a new addition. The Platinum tier includes four games this year where the prices range from $78-223. Those four games are the three Leafs games and one Canadiens game. Basically, the Sabres have priced these tickets out of the fan bases price range. Who did they price them for though?

The Canadians.

With the strength of the Canadian dollar at this point and the fact that most Canadians come down for the games against the Leafs and Canadiens, it makes sense that to maximize the potential of the Canadian dollar is to charge the most for the games against the Canadian teams.

It made sense for the Bills to tap into the Toronto market because of the strength of the Canadian dollar and the purchasing power that the Canadians have over the fans in the States. This same philosophy makes sense for the Sabres as well. As long as the Canadians are going to cross the border and check out those games, why not try and get more money out of them anyways. The only people it hurts is the individual ticket buyer because the season ticket holder pays the Value price for all 41 games.

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