Monday, July 21, 2008

The NLL Entry Draft

The NLL has officially annouced that the NLL Entry Draft will be September 7th in Boston. This will be the final draft of the offseason after the dispersal and expansion drafts. The Buffalo Bandits will find their first pick in the third round at the 36th position after trading their first and second round picks in former trades.

Normally, the first and possibly second round picks will make the big time in the first couple of years but after the second round many of these players will be on the practice squad and may never see the turf in game action. The Bandits have given up their first and second round players that may make a difference for proven veterans that led them to the championship this year. This is how GM Darris Kilgour has run his team and will probably run for years to come. With Kilgour's penchant for proven veterans over unestablished rookies, the NLL Draft is a good way to compile players on the practice squad.

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