Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bandits and NLL Schedule is Released

Its officially four months from the start of the Bandits season and the banner raising at HSBC Arena. The NLL has announced the season schedule and for the Bandits it looks like this:

January 3rd - Philadelphia vs. Buffalo
January 10th - Buffalo at Toronto
January 16th - Rochester vs. Buffalo
January 24th - Buffalo at Minnesota
January 31st - Buffalo at Edmonton
February 6th - Buffalo at Philadelphia
February 14th - Toronto vs. Buffalo
February 20th - Buffalo at Toronto
February 28th - Minnesota vs. Buffalo
March 14th - Buffalo at Rochester
March 21st - Portland vs. Buffalo
March 28th - New York vs. Buffalo
April 4th - Buffalo at Boston
April 10th - Rochester vs. Buffalo
April 11th - Buffalo at New York
April 18th - Chicago vs. Buffalo

This has to be one of the most favorable schedules on the history of the planet. Only one back to back weekend and that is a Buffalo to New York trip. Buffalo play Rochester three times, twice in Rochester, and Toronto three times, twice in Toronto. Unfortunately, the Bandits only play Chicago once, thankfully at home, and Boston once in Boston. Also, with the switch to the Western Conference, the Bandits still play Minnesota twice, both home and away. Also there is a Championship game rematch in Buffalo on the 21st.

For ticket holders, there are two Friday games and 6 Saturday games. Also, there are two games each month with the games being spread out instead of the mass of home games that the Bandits have had at the end of the last two seasons.

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