Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Sabres Two Minute Drill Takes the Game

Justin Pogge was the key for the Leafs for the first 58 minutes of the game. Then all hell broke loose which saw the Leafs give up three to lose the game 3-2. Scores by Gaustad and Roy score powerplay goals in the final two minutes of the game to tie up the score and then Kotalik put the puck in the net for the winner in overtime.

The Sabres did not look half bad in the game, with Rivet's debut starting with first period fireworks in a fight with Ryan Holloweg. Rivet pretty much owned through most of the fight as well so Rivet just may fit in very well with this team. This game was more physical than the first two with most of the team starting to throw their weight around. The physicality of the game showed up in the score with the first goal of the game scored in the middle of the third period.

In terms of the prospects that played in the game, both Gogulla and Schutz did not do much to make me say anything. They played a pretty mistake free game but they didnt make many major plays in the game to make them stand out. Myers on the other hand is definitely a not ready for prime time player. He made many, many mistakes with puck possession and also was out of position numerous times. Given that this was Myers first game, those mistakes are going to be made.

The Leafs looked alright in this game as well. Both of their goals also came on the powerplay as well. Justin Pogge looked really good for most of the game until he got rattled and eventually lost the game for them. Many of the shots that Pogge faced were on net and didnt force him to move much. Once Pogge started moving, the holes started opening up and the Sabres found those holes.

Next up for the Sabres are the Wild who come to town tonight at 7. The roster according to the Sabres website is such:




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