Monday, February 25, 2008

Brian Campbell becomes the hottest defenseman on the market

All thanks to Dan Boyle. Boyle signed a 6 year, $40 dollar contract with the Lightning tonight. This has ramifications of two things for Campbell:

First it gives a contract figure that Campbell is either going to want to be matched or beat. That is 6 years, $6.66 million a year. Honestly, that asking price is way to high for the Sabres to match. It would tie up way too much cap space in essentially three guys: Vanek, Roy, and Campbell. That would essentially leave the odd man out in that race being Ryan Miller who will be looking in the same range as well.

Second, it decreases the number of offensive defenseman on the market. This is good news for the Sabres because it means that more deals just started opening up for them. All signs are still pointing to the San Jose Sharks, most likely a package deal including Patrick Marleau. Darcy has a policy of no one knowing his hand and if a deal or plan leaks out, it instantly gets killed. Therefore, we really have no idea what is going on in Darcy's head right now, or if the fax machine is even working correctly.

Here is the article from TSN on the Boyle signing: Link

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