Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thoughts about last night's game

The Sabres blew a big opportunity on Saturday by losing to the Rangers. This game really was a game of turnovers and giveaways by both teams and the Rangers just being able to capitalize better. Two goals were just basically passes off turnovers with open nets. Avery can shoot straight and buried home the game winner.

On the better side of the game, the Sabres really were able to get pressure and shots on net, but their power play looked well inept. Being in the top ten for both of the penalty kill and power play, the Rangers made them look bad all night in the Power play department. The PK looked all right, giving up one on a bad deflection.

Basically, this game was a waste of two points that could be key later. We move on to another key game against the Flyers on Monday on Versus.

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