Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What did Brian Campbell bring in today

As has been reported many times, the Sabres sent Brian Campbell to the San Jose Sharks for Steve Bernier and a first round pick. Bernier has 23 points on the season with 13 goals, but is very streaky only having one point in the month of February. He really could fit well on this team being young, big and physical something that the Sabres really do need. He's 6'2" and 225. Not sure where he is going to fit in this lineup though being a winger. Most likely it will force them to send down first of Gragnani who really needs more work in Rochester before trying to crack the big club again. The main question is whose line is he going to be on and when Stafford and Afinogenov come back, is he just going to be relegated to the fourth line.

As for Brian Campbell there is a telling quote from his exit press conference:

Campbell admitted he was frustrated with the negations with the Sabres. He desperately wanted a long-term deal with Buffalo, but the Sabres offered just a three-year deal.

"I can't sign a three-year deal like that," said Campbell, who pointed out that Florida's Richard Zednik could have died in the arena this month and it forced Campbell to think of how short a players' career could be. "You see what happens. You have to look out for No. 1."

Looking out for No. 1 huh? Seriously, if you really wanted to stay in Buffalo you would have taken the three year deal which would have given you another chance at free agency again while you still had talent. You were getting a $6 million deal and you still have to think about No. 1. That tells me this had nothing to do with really wanting to stay in Buffalo and everything to do about the money. Darcy made a good call here because he at least got a return on his investment for Campbell and it does free up some money for Miller's extension.

Speaking of Miller, Pierre Mcguire made a semi-good point with him today saying that he does become an unrestricted free agent in 2009 just as the Red Wings will have an opening in goaltender. Miller played for Michigan State and really has a soft spot for playing in Detroit. While I think that he may want to go back, I really do hope that he is happy here in Buffalo and will consider staying here for the majority of his career.

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