Monday, December 22, 2008

The Glory of the Schedule

Heading into tonight’s game against the Penguins got me thinking about something.  Is there a real reason as to why the schedulers lump certain sets of teams together?  The Sabres have played the Penguins four times in the last seven weeks.  They have also played the Devils three times in the last seven weeks. This will be the last game of season against the Penguins and we won’t play the Devils again until April 4th.

On the flip side, the Sabres haven’t the Hurricanes at all this season.  They played Toronto once, the Rangers once, the Capitals once, and Philly once.  It really makes no sense to not be able to spread out the games and for us to wait and see certain teams.  Also, it really is not fair for teams like ourselves to have a certain advantage that we could have over other teams with situations like the Devils.  The Sabres have played three games against the Devils at the advantage of not having to play against Brodeur.  This won’t be the case with other teams in the Eastern Conference. 

Game time to finish the series against the Pens is 7pm at the Bank.  Game is on Versus tonight.


  1. The Sabres beat the Caps earlier this season.

  2. Thanks, correction made above.