Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lack of Inspiration

This isn't necessarily a post about the Sabres but more of a post about me. For the last week, the way the Sabres have played haven't really gotten the creative juices flowing. The Sabres put together to rather uninspiring games against the Predators and the Panthers. But last night, the spark of Gerbe at least found something as they beat the Lightning 4-3.

By no means is Gerbe the answer for the problems that the Sabres are facing. Those are numerous. But it is inspiring to see a player that really has nothing to lose by playing terribly because it is his NHL debut, playing like his hair is on fire. Gerbe added a much needed kick in the pants that the Sabres showed against the Lightning. So much so that Hecht actually fought Lecavalier. Players played out of their element and played a much better game.

Hopefully the spark continues on tomorrow against the Penguins.

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