Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Shamrox "Suspend" Operations for 2009 Season and Resulting

The Chicago Shamrox announced Friday that they have "suspended" operations for the 2009 season. This means that the NLL will again have 12 teams this season, 6 in the East and 6 in the West. The players for the Shamrox have been dispersed with goaltender Anthony Cosmo being taken first overall to the Boston Blazers. I'll have more later on the Bandits selections.

With the dispersal draft, the players that were drafted are permanent. This has occured due to the fact that the Shamrox have not said that they will be coming back next season like the Sting had alluded to last year. Therefore, we may have 12 teams again next season.

The Shamrox have been looking for a new buyer for this team because current ownership had stated that it was just too hard for them to run the team from afar. Unless this team actually plays at the United Center as opposed to the Sears Center, any team that is in Chicago is not going to work. Unlike the Titans in NY, who are having arena issues with MSG, the Shamrox need a more central location rather than the outskirt arena that the Sears Center provides.

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