Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sean Avery Suspended Indefinitely for his Sloppy Seconds

Sean Avery was quickly suspended before the Calgary game last night because of a comment he made during the morning skate. Here it is:

Its a good way to stir up more emotions from the Flames because it was obviously directed at Dion Phaneuf. The league stepped in though and suspended Avery indefinitely for "content detrimental to the league." Good god boys, I think the man can backup his own comments and handle his own. Granted the league didnt want another Steve Moore situation to happen but I think that was a once in a lifetime incident. The referees could have policed the game and the situation could have been handled better than what it was. The only thing that this situation does is make the league look more like a second rate league. It gives the league a black eye and makes Avery look like a martyr.

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