Friday, April 4, 2008

At Least it was a Fun Run

The run to the playoffs ended last night with the 3-1 loss to the Montreal Canadians. At least the Sabres lost their chances on their own terms instead of something that they could not control to knock them out. The Canadians looked really sound in their own end and their powerplay looked like the top powerplay in the league. Their passing was sound and frustrated the Sabres' offense. While I did not watch much of the game, from what I saw the Sabres looked like a team that wanted to win but just did not have enough to overcome the superior play of the Canadians.

Even though that the Sabres are not going to make the playoffs, we here at Dueling Sabres will still have playoff coverage. The plan is to have daily updates of the playoff games and overview the series as they are revealed. Also, we will be here during the offseason updating with league news and Sabres news.

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