Friday, April 18, 2008

Bandits/Shamrox Preview

Since there are only two games left in the season, I thought it was a good time to start writing previews again. The next two games for the Bandits are huge because of the massive logjam that is the Eastern Conference. They are a 1.5 out of first place and a game ahead of the fifth place spot. It makes winning the last two games even that more key. Into town comes the Chicago Shamrox, a team that has won their last 4 games and a goalie received at the trade deadline in Matt Roik that has been playing lights out. With 4 games left and being at 5-7, the Shamrox need help to get into the playoffs but they are going to be playing like every game is their last.

Matt Roik has been playing extremely well since coming over from the Philadelphia Wings where he was a bench warmer behind Rob Blasdell. But since coming over he has played in 5 games, he has gone 4-1 with an 11.74 GAA and .799 SV%. The Bandits are coming off probably the worst loss of the season against the Knighthawks in which it was so bad that Darris called out the team shortly after the loss. Taking 75 minutes in penalties in which 51 of those were in the fourth quarter does not bode well for the team at all. The other issue at hand are the goaltenders. Mike Thompson was hurt heading into this game so Kenny Montour started and while not playing badly, didn't play as lights out as the team needed from him. So there starts a goaltender controversy in who should start this game. All signs are pointing towards Thompson who should be ready to go and should get the start.

Since Chicago is coming off a game on Friday night against the Titans, it will be interesting to see if Roik will get the call in both games and if he will be mentally and physically ready to handle it. I think that if the Rox start Derek Collins the game will be over within the first quarter. If it is Matt Roik, while the Bandits have had prior success against Roik, his play of late would give a ver dangerous Shamrox team and better chance.

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