Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bandits/Knighthawks Review

The Bandits pooched this game against the Knighthawks losing 11-6 at the BCA. Looking at the scoresheet, it looked like the team well just lost it. The quote from Darris kind of confirms that as well.

“I keep telling my guys that you can’t play just 10 minutes with hard energy and expect to get a ‘W’ out of it. I’m figuring out that I have a team that does what they want. When they want to play they’re a great team and when they don’t want to play they’re an average team. There’s pretty much nothing I can say to make them be a great team.”

The Bandits took 75 PIM in the game, 51 of them coming in the 4th quarter. This team just lost its composure during a time where the Eastern Conference has become a logjam of massive proportions. Ken Montour took the game mainly, being replaced by Thompson at some point. Montour had 39 saves on 50 shots, which is on par with his performances this season. The major problem with this game was the absolute lack of offense. 44 shots, 0-3 on the power play and a total of six goals in the game is the recipe for certain loss. Leading scorers like Accursi and Steenhuis were completely held off the scoreboard, while the teams leading scorer in the game was McCready and Tavares. Basically, this game has to be blamed on the lack of judging an opponent that is fighting for their playoff lives. This loss puts the Bandits in third place in the Conference, 1 game behind the Wings and a game and a half behind the Swarm. The last two games of the season are at home against the bottom dwellers of the conferences. This Saturday is against the Shamrox which are winners of four straight and on the 26th are the Lumberjax.

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