Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thoughts from the First Night of the Playoffs

While I am a huge fan of playoff hockey, I really kind of disappointed myself by missing the first set of games on Wednesday. The only game I actually saw was the Sharks/Flames game and I will have more on that in a minute.

Looking over the scores it can be said that both Ottawa and New Jersey had really bad nights. I know that Martin Gerber looked bad in net against the Pens and the same with Brodeur for the Devils. In the case of Brodeur, it happens but if it continues to happen the Devils are in major trouble. Brodeur is the rock of that team and if he continues to play that lousy the Devils are history quickly. It isn't so shocking that this is happening in Ottawa cause this has been happening all season. This team is toast and they have been toast before it started.

The Sharks looked really bad last night. Brian Campbell looked like the contract negotiation Campbell that Buffalo all knew and loved in the last few weeks of his run here. The Sharks started flat and the Flames definitely took advantage. Two goals in the first six minutes of the first was basically the start that they needed.

The Avalanche/Wild series looks like it is going to be an entertaining series and was definitely the most entertaining game of the night. Good goaltending made this game what it was. Both Jose Theodore and Nicolas Backstrom played great games with each making a fair share of amazing saves.

Tonights Games: Boston vs. Montreal, Nashville vs. Detroit, Calgary vs. San Jose, Dallas vs. Anaheim.

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