Sunday, May 18, 2008


After getting over the championship hangover, its time to post about it.

The Bandits are the 2008 NLL Edge Champions. They did it with hard work and and superior goaltending. By taking the lead within the first minute on the Johnny Tavares hidden ball trick goal, again, the Bandits took control of the game the whole night by not giving up the lead for the rest of the game. Mark Steenhuis won the MVP but it really should have gone to Mike Thompson who played out of his mind in the fourth quarter to essentially keep the Bandits in the game. Steenhuis scored 5 goals by the way.

In the case of the Portland Lumberjax, they played a game that markets the game perfectly. They kept the game close, with scoring in the final minute to bring it within one, and played with the same amount of passion that the Bandits were oozing to start the game. Dan Dawson led the Jax all game but was eventually held to 3 goals and 9 points which is good considering his 12 goals that he had in his first two games.

Final thought leads with the fans. Banditland brought their A game last night and it definitely showed. The fans waved their orange pompoms like the crazy fans they have been all season. 18,690 strong showed their support for this team and the team responded with an amazing performance. The Bandits gave this town a run that they are most likely not to forget for a while to come. It definitely has been a fun trip go on.

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