Friday, May 23, 2008

NLL Wrapup for 5/23

With the offseason here now, these wrapups are going to be smaller and smaller or farther apart. But there are a few things I wanted to post.

The Calgary Herald has an article up about the life of owner Brad Bannister and the world of hurt that the Roughnecks seem to be in. Its interesting to read just to see what state the Roughnecks seem to be in.

Kurt Silcott was surprised by his firing from the Roughnecks according to NLL Insider.

The Oregonlive blog has the questions in the offseason that the Lumberjax now have to deal with, the biggest being what is going to happen to their three Arizona players.

Finally, NLL Insider has a post from a Lumberjax fan who made the trip to Buffalo for the Championship game. Its a good read to see his feelings on Bandit fans and his experience here. Thankfully, it was all good.

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