Monday, May 5, 2008

The Bucky Gleason Condescending Quote Directory

I mentioned this last night over at the Goose's Roost after reading yesterday's column by Bucky. Another classic, this one mentioning about how amazing the Flyers are with Danny Briere and how much better the Philly fans are over us. So here's how this will work. I will keep track from yesterday's column until I cant stand it anymore and hopefully this becomes a running gag. I will make sure that I put the column or blog post in with the quotes but with the archives with the News, I cant guarantee they will be up for long.

7/18 Column

I'm speechless on this column. You just have to read it yourself.

7/11 Column

It was good to hear Sabres owner Tom Golisano’s plans to shell out $5 million to candidates he supports for the state Legislature. Like he said, he can afford the donation and wants to help out. But wouldn’t the dough be better spent on something that actually affects Western New Yorkers, such as the Sabres’ blue line?

7/7 Column Not sure what to take of this article.

Pro: Campbell for Rivet was basically the deal once the draft picks were exchanged and Steve Bernier took the scenic route from San Jose to Vancouver, via Buffalo. The Sabres yearned for a veteran defenseman at 2007 prices, and Regier landed a good one in Rivet.

Con: News alert: The Sabres have a poor reputation among players. It has become increasingly evident that the only way to get quality veterans into Buffalo is to force them here through trades. It’s an unpleasant way to survive.

6/15 Column Well this has been awhile but here we are

Sabres GM Darcy Regier’s name also has been tossed around in the revolving Toronto rumor mill. He has another year remaining on his contract. Given his close relationship with Lindy Ruff, Regier isn’t likely to go anywhere unless he grows tired of watching other teams sign free agents and decides to become one himself.

5/21 This one is a little delayed and honestly, Getting Caught From Behind did the analysis so well, so I'll let you read it from him.

5/18 Column

We’ll see how valuable the Buffalo Sabres view Ryan Miller when negotiations begin this summer, but clearly the NHL holds him in high regard.
Always a good way to start off the column. Good to see that Bucky is up to his old form again.

5/11 Column

Two in a row, looking good.

5/8 Column

Sometimes, he can write without being condescending. He came close but nothing postworthy.

5/4 Column

No wonder they’ve awakened a fan base that for years has lived with a sense of dread. Believe me, having lived and worked in Philly, the fans there have more in common with the fans here than either city would like to admit. Both are tortured sports towns, ours more than theirs, longing for a run toward a title.

FYI: Fans there cheered the tears out of former Flyers center Jeremy Roenick during a brief ceremony this season after he scored his 500th career goal. Fans here booed the Sabres’ ex-captains after they took Buffalo to the conference finals in consecutive years.

Because we all know that Philly fans are the greatest fans in the world. The same people who booed Santa Claus, threw batteries at J.D. Drew in his return with the Cardinals, and caused Tie Domi to hop the glass in the penalty box.

Philly had a 39-point improvement over last year in the regular season. They turned things around in less than a year because ownership supported General Manager Paul Holmgren without breathing down his spine. It gave him the confidence he needed to make necessary upgrades and manage the salary cap.

Interesting master plan, wouldn’t you say?

Dig number 1 at management.

Gerbe led the nation in scoring, led his team to a national championship, was the best player in the Frozen Four and was selected to play for Team USA in the world championships. He’s going to play in the NHL. He shouldn’t accept less than the maximum allowed for rookies, or $850,000 a year.

And you wonder why players don’t want to deal with these guys.

Dig number 2 at management, in the same column, and they wonder why no one returns their phone calls.


  1. Who boos Santa? I can't get over that...

    I've heard that Flyer fans have calmed down considerably. I'd hate to see what they meant by "considerably."

  2. I am glad that Gleason is around. We need another Sabres kiss ass in this city like we need another pothole.