Monday, May 19, 2008

A trip around the Sabres Blogosphere for today 5/19

A quick trip of the posts around the blogosphere due to the lack of news today.

The Willful Caboose has a great post about the experience of the Bandits game on Saturday night and how completely different it would be in the case of the Sabres. Kate is completely right in this case. A Bandits championship was amazing in its own right with the complete pandemonium that occured afterwards. But that atmosphere would be ten times crazier if the Sabres won a Cup and would completely mask this celebration.

Getting Caught From Behind has a great post about the state of Buffalo sports talk radio. Good read.

Finally, The Ultimate Sports Road Trip has a great post about the atmosphere at the Bandits game and the response of the League. Banditland makes out well again.

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