Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Some Things from around the League 5/20

Apparently, a Russian blogger who was live blogging the Russia/Canada World Championship final mentioned that he would eat Kovalchuk's skates if he scored two goals in the game. And now Kovy's mother is making sure he eats his words. The story from Fanhouse.

John Grahme has signed with Omsk after not seeing a lot of time with the Carolina Hurricanes. The story from Lord Stanley's Blog.

Lowetide believes that Edmonton could be a front runner in the case that Boston decides to deal Phil Kessel. If this is the case, i would not be heartbroken one bit. Kessel seems to be a Sabre killer especially in the shootout. Sending him to the Western Conference would be another relief.

Story from the Star-Tribune on where Chris Simon's signing a contract in Russia.

Ryan over at the Goose has a rant about Page 2 at ESPN and their treatment of hockey.

Kevin over at Bfloblog has a story about a Lions season ticket fan who was told "Fuck 'em til next year" after having a dispute over season tickets. It shows what the mindset of the Lions front office and why Lions fans still have to deal with Matt Millen.

Finally, there is a story out in the Canadian Press on the likelihood of Pat Burns to become the next Senators coach and his newest supporter, Dany Heatley.

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