Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Disappointing Sabres Weekend

Comment From Zach]
Looking forward to this weekend, the Sabres could pick themselves up with two good home stompings. The Flyers are going to be without Briere on Friday and the Islanders could be interesting after the beatdown we gave them on the Island. There could be hope for this team after this weekend.

This was the comment I made Thursday during the Inside the NHL chat with Bucky Gleason. Remind me never to do that again.

The Sabres have now come out and laid a home egg losing by a combined score of 7-2 to the Flyers and the Islanders. Having attended the game on Friday against the Flyers, I can say that the Sabres basically quit halfway through that game. There were many, many, many missed opportunities during that game including four missed open nets. The effort that was put forth on Saturday was still a little better but not enough that they could get a win against the lowly Isles. This team has fallen hard and fast from their 6-0-1 start to their 9-8-3 record currently. The road ahead is not going to get better for this team with the back half of the schedule being progressively harder. Coming up this week for the Sabres are the Bruins on Wednesday, which is the first game of the new third jersey, Pittsburgh on Friday and Montreal on Saturday. They are on a five game losing streak and could easily make it eight games by Sunday. This team needs a change in attitude quick to turn this season around.

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