Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sabres/Canadiens Live Blog

I haven't done one of these in a very long time so here goes nothing. Keep checking in for constant updates throughout the game.

7:09 - Nothing is better than going through the Four Habs Fans blog to read up on the Montreal side of things. If you have never checked out that blog, be sure to do so, just don't do it at work.

7:10 - Patrick Lalime starts in net. This should be an interesting game against a pissed off Canadiens team.

7:14 - Have to love playing a game in Montreal with the duel language anthem. And here goes the faceoff.

7:16 - Early opinions say that this is going to be a very, very, very long game.

7:20 - A noneventful first three minutes to start. A couple back and forth chances but nothing major of note.

7:22 - Lalime makes his first good save of the game. Knowing that he can be hit or miss means that we may see another good effort from Lalime. Kaleta has a good effort on the other end and then meets the goalpost. Good to see that there is still some spunk from this team. After I write that, Kaleta blocks a shot with his shoulder and leaves the ice. Painful shift from Kaleta.

7:28 - The AT&T commercial with the gingerbread probably has to be the most entertaining Christmas commercial ever. Nothing is more entertaining than watching a gingerbread man complain about people eating his house.

7:31 - Sadly enough, O'Byrne's name hasn't come up in this game yet. Would be nice if he could make another mistake for us as well.

7:32 - Montreal heading on the power play. The Sabres have killed the last nine and this would be their first opportunity in this game.

7:33 - Good to see that the penalty kill is back in the top five of the league.

7:35 - In saying the O'Byrne comment, I just realized that he has been scratched for this game. No wonder he isnt going to make mistakes for us. Sabres kill the first penalty of the game and now go on the power play themselves.

7:38 - Komisarek behind the bench filling in for an assistant coach. Honestly, good place for him.

7:40 - Atlas gets his 16th of the season on the powerplay. Sabres up 1-0.

7:46 - Rivet getting booed at the Bell Center. Rivet played for 12 seasons with the Canadiens before he was traded to the Sharks.

7:49 - Sabres kill another powerplay, make that 11 in a row.

7:51 - End of 1 at the Bell Center, Sabres up 1-0.

8:09 - Time to start the second. Good to see that Don Cherry is in ripe form this season. Glad to see that his tailor is still blind as well.

8:12 - Montreal ties the game at 1 with Kostitsyn goal on the rebound.

8:17 - Mancari has been playing like a beast ever since he has been called up and it will be sad to see him go. Made a great play to keep that puck in on the powerplay.

8:20 - Kevin Sylvester looks dedicated to make sure that he hits his cue. Either that or really, really annoyed he has to do what he's doing.

8:22 - Atlas still has a passing issue during certain times of the game but makes up for it by scoring his 2nd of the night, and his league leading 17th of the season. Sabres up 2-1.

8:27 - Sabres kill another penalty, 12 in a row.

8:30 - Sabres on the powerplay again on the Kostitsyn tripping penalty.

8:33 - Canadiens kill the penalty and quickly tie the score up at 2. Begin scores on a five hole shot on a moving Lalime.

8:34 - Lydman shows his soccer skills by kicking the puck over the glass. Maybe the Red Bulls could sign him as well.

8:36 - Sylvester's dedicated look is back again. Talking about surface temperature on the ice. Good to see that the Canadiens ice crew is anal.

8:42 - Canadiens take the lead during 4 on 4 hockey. Markov scores on a great feed from Koivu. Lalime really had no chance with that.

8:45 - Canadiens starting to play the press which completely throws the Sabres off. Sabres look all discombobulated to end the period. Canadiens lead after 2, 3-2.

8:48 - Sylvester reminds us that the Sabres were in the same situation last night against the Penguins. Maybe things will turn around as the Canadiens may run out of energy due to the fact that they traveled farther last night as compared to the Sabres.

8:55 - I still think that Paul Hamilton should head to the studio when Kevin Sylvester heads to booth. He really comes across as knowledgeable and can hold his own on TV.

9:06 - Three minutes into the second period and still no change in the score or the play of the game. Still a back and forth game.

9:07 - Kostitsyn gets a charging call on Kaleta who has just been beat up all game. Canadiens get the first shot of the Sabres powerplay.

9:10 - Heading out for the rest of the game. Enjoy what hopefully becomes a Sabres comeback.

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  1. "8:20 - Kevin Sylvester looks dedicated to make sure that he hits his cue. Either that or really, really annoyed he has to do what he's doing."

    That was so hysterical.