Saturday, November 15, 2008

Well Glad I Missed that One

Watched half of the first period and saw everything that I needed to see. This game was not going to get any better. They hung on to beat the Blues after posting a three goal lead in the first five minutes of the games. Tonight, they looked like almost every game they played last season. Really, really uninspired. They were looking to pass first shoot later and Patrick Lalime is starting to turn into the second coming of Jocelyn Thibault. If this stays like this, it is going to be a long season. The Sabres have a chance to make it back up against the Penguins

In other news, the Lightning have canned Barry Melrose 16 games into the season. While this is not a shocking proposition because there were rumors that he never really had the team in the first place. What Melrose does from here is a mystery because his job at ESPN has been filled by Matthew Barnaby.

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