Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Anybody have any Salt?

Kudos to Sabres Not Slugs and Puck Daddy for these references.

Larry Quinn was on WGR before one of the games this weekend. During his interview he had this great nugget:

Quinn was on WGR today and Bulldog asked him about the new 3rd jerseys, and what could happen if they sell well, well received, etc..
Quinn confirmed that the team is in talks to potentially make the 3rds our PRIMARY jersey for 2010-11, which will be the 40th anniversary year. he said the current slug jersey may be a 3rd jersey.

Now granted, no one can find the actual audio because it was destroyed. But the organization has been leaning this way. With the crest at center ice this year and during the USA Hockey announcement the Sabres logo was the original crest and not the slug. My question is how the second hand quote was worded. Are they going to bring the original crest back permanently or are they just going to use it as the primary for the 40th anniversary year. It would be cool to see it back again and the team would still have to create a white version of the original crest again, which is still super sick. Any news though that mentions the death of the slug is great news all around.

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