Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some Thoughts Before Stuffing My Face Today

The Sabres played a really inspired game last night against the surging Bruins. After the debacle that happened last week, its good to see that the team played for a full sixty minutes in front of the home crowd. It is also good to see that Derek Roy has found his scoring touch again. Granted those goals were more of the garbage type, with the first one being a gifted turnover and the second being the over the shoulder I have no clue how you got that in the goal sort of goal. At the official quarter pole of the season and Roy has 6 goals while Pominville has 8 can prove good things for this team. If both can keep their pace along with Vanek, this team could make a run for it.

Those original jerseys should be able to inspire anyone. Those things are absolutely gorgeous and when the recreate the white version of it in a few years that will be even prettier.

The blog will be rather light for the holiday season. Every one enjoy their holiday and stay classy out there.

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