Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bandits Clip the Wings for the First Time

In a night where the small things didn't see all that right, someone forgot to turn out the lights during the opening, the opening just being a little off, the in game host being out, and on a personal note the mustard dispenser spraying all over the place instead of my hot dog. Normally when those things start to go wrong the whole game starts to go to hell. And in the first 7:25 it looked like it was going to be. Philly started the game on a 5-1 run, scoring 2 in the first :29 seconds. Then the skies started to part. The Bandits went on 12-3 run and never looked back. The Bandits ended up wiping the floor with a tired and undisciplined Philly Wings 21-12. The main scorers from the Bandits are Steenhuis and Smith, who is officially listed for 3 but really scored 4. What really killed the Wings were the undisciplined penalties that happened including 5 illegal substitutions, a bad slashing penalty from Blasdell. The Bandits capitalized on these by going 9 for 13 on the powerplay. The Wings did have league leading Iannucci score 4 including 2 in the first 2 minutes. But the defense really locked in on him and shut him down. When someone scores 30% of a teams goals, the rest really dont have the firepower.

The star of the game was Ken Montour though. He replaced started Mike Thompson who allowed four goals on eight shots. Montour then just stopped almost everything that was put in front of him, not showing any effects of the concussion he suffered. Montour allowed 8 goals on 49 shots, stopping 26 of 29 in the second half. If he has not earned the starting spot after tonight's game, I'm not sure if he ever will have the starting spot.

The Bandits will face the Minnesota Swarm again at HSBC Arena next Saturday while the Wings face Toronto in the Wachovia Center.

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