Friday, March 28, 2008

Notes about things

The Sabres kept their heads above the water with the shootout win last night against the Senators. While I only caught the last couple of minutes of the game, it was good to see a sense of urgency and not what I saw against the Senators on Tuesday. All this is moot though, because the high-flying Canadiens are coming to town tonight. The Canadiens lead the division by four points over the Senators and are playing very well, which was evident the last time they came to town. If the Sabres want to keep themselves alive in the last 5 games, they obviously need to come away with two points tonight.

The Amerks and Knighthawks have found a new majority owner in Curt Styres. Styres bought out owners Randell Latona and Walter Turek to become the new majority owner. Donner still stays on board with the team running day-to-day operations. This puts to rest all the rumors floating about on the Sabres possibly owning the team. Where the team will move to is unknown at this point and there are no rumors floating yet.

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