Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sabres/Capitals Preview

The Sabres play the second of back to back games tonight as they head back home to face the Capitals. If you were paying attention to Versus on Monday, you would have seen the romping that the Caps laid on the Bruins to the tune of 10-2. Ovechkin had a hat-trick in the first period. The key to the Sabres keeping on a roll is playing with the same intensity as they did last night. It looks as if Tallinder will be out after the hit he took last night. It isnt known how long he will be back. Also out will be Tim Connolly who normally does not play back to back games. In their places will be Kalinin and either Paille or MacArthur, my money going on the first one.

Here are the standings for Eastern Conference heading into tonight and their points remaining to the magic 92 point mark:

1. Pittsburgh (9)
2. Montreal (11)
3. Carolina (19)
4. New Jersey (10)
5. Ottawa (12)
6. Boston (15)
7. New York Rangers (15)
8. Philadelphia (18)
9. Buffalo (19)
10. New York Islanders (21)
11. Washington (22)

* All Washington needs to do is to beat Carolina and not necessarily finish in the 8th spot or better.

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