Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sabres/Flyers Recap

A couple bullets on the game

  • This Sabres team looked like they actually gave a damn. And its about time. The fire has officially been lit with 15 games left on the schedule. Being one point back can be overcome pretty easily. Let's actually see if the Sabres can start on a roll now. The rest of the games on the schedule look like this (number of games against in parenthesis): Toronto (3), Ottawa (2), Montreal (2), Boston (2), Carolina (2), Washington (1), Pittsburgh (1), Tampa Bay (1), NY Rangers (1). This looks like a scary lineup knowing that we look bad against teams like Montreal and Ottawa. Mirtle's site has a record for each team to reach 92 points which always seems like the magic number to make the playoffs. The Sabres record is 9-5-1 after this game. Can this team win 9 games against the teams above.
  • The loss of Tallinder for any period of time is a bad thought for this team. The defense is already starting to show its inexperience and lack of drive, hence why Kalinin was benched today for Sekera. Tallinder is now the top defenseman on this team, he always was but people thought it really was Campbell. Hopefully he returns to the lineup quickly.
  • Ryan Miller looked like his sold self again. Mentioned in the post last night, he hasnt looked all that good in the past ten games. But the defense looked solid and he looked just as well. The first goal wasn't his fault while the second I didnt catch.
  • The Flyers are complaining that the Roy goal shouldnt have counted cause there were too many men on the ice. Honestly, it happens. Breaks come and go and thats what happens in the turns of a season. Deal with it.
Tonight's Top Performer: This has to go to Max even though I'm not thrilled with it. Pominville had two goals as well but his were him being at the right place at the right time. Max looked good in his third game back with two good shots on the net with the second one tucked under the post to finally chase Marty. Afinogenov finished the game with 2 goals and 1 assist.

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