Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling

Here is the wrapup of what I missed over the last couple of days.

- The Sabres keep failing to clinch the points they need to get the ball rolling. This team has a hard path in front of them with a handful of division games at the end of the season and the most of the top 8 in the conference. They essentially stole a point against the Hurricanes, who we see again on Friday, and dropped the ball only getting a point against the Rangers. 2 points gained out of 4 is not going to get you in the playoffs. There is a bright spot though. The Boston Bruins are falling and falling fast. They have lost Zdeno Chara for the last couple of games and from what I have heard out for a while too. We are 5 points behind them now, and they are getting a butt whooping against the Senators. We also have to play them twice too. I dont see the Flyers falling and I definately do not see the Rangers falling. If we are going to make the playoffs, its going to be at the expense of the Bruins.

- That being said, the path just got harder with the announcement of both Kalinin and Spacek being out for at least of couple of weeks. Basically means that we will see the services of Andrej Sekera for the rest of the season. Gratefully, it looks that Tallinder will be back against the Penguins which will mean that we only have to callup one defenseman from the Amerks instead of two. This does not bode well for the Sabres to make the push. Essentially, we are going to play two Amerks and a player that did not get a lot of experience in 2006. Oh boy.

- The Bandits played another solid game on Saturday in the defensive end this time. They beat the Swarm 11-7 putting them in the second spot in the Eastern Conference. With this week off and only one game per week for the rest of the season and 4 of the last 5 games at home with the road game in Rochester, this team looks poised to make a run. It looks that Bucktooth with be coming back for the Toronto Rock game on the 22nd possibly which will add just another scoring threat. This team is only a game behind the Wings while they have 2 games in hand. It will make for a good stretch run.

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