Monday, January 26, 2009

AHL All Star Game Live Blog

It makes complete sense to live blog an all-star game where Rory Fitzpatrick is a captain and Mike Ryan is an all star, both play for the Planet USA All-Star team.  The only representative from the Portland Pirates is Mark Mancari who will play for the Canadian All-Stars.

1st Period

- At least the fanfare behind the AHL All-Star game is not as crazy as it is with the NHL All-Star game.  This might actually be an entertaining game instead of people floating.  Sort of.

18:49 – First goal scored by the Canadians.  Corey Locke from the Houston Aeros scores a nifty goal.

16:17 - Mike Brodeur of the Rochester Americans makes the first save of the game.  Hope he enjoyed it.

15:19 – As I said, I hope Brodeur enjoyed it, Planet USA ties the game up at 1. 

13:21 – Ok, so I lied, this is like every other All-Star game.  Except there isn’t enough scoring. I like though in the intro they showed about every bone crushing hit trying to entice you to watch a bunch of young stars float around.

11:26 – Ryan Vesce from the Worcester Sharks scores for a 2-1 Planet USA lead.  This would be Vesce’s first all-star goal.  The Worcester Sharks are obviously affiliated with the San Jose Sharks.  Hence, the Sharks. 

- At least the AHL All-Star game has announcers that call the game.  Even the bench reporter is cuter than Chris Simpson on Versus.  Hmm…everything could be made better by not being on Versus.  Poor Indy Racing League.

9:04 – A goalie actually tried and made a pretty good save.  Shocking. Cory Schneider from the Manitoba Moose is actually playing like he wants to win.  Must not have been given the memo.

6:47 – Both goalies making good saves as Brodeur on the other end stuffs a 2-1 breakaway.  Game is still 2-1 and its been 5 minutes since either team has scored.  Something must be wrong here.

4:49 – AHL leading scorer, Alexander Giroux from the Hershey Bears, scores to tie the game at 2.  Giroux’s rights belong to the Washington Capitals and Giroux could be a very dangerous player in the NHL.  At 6’2, Giroux has a wicked shot.

- AHL sideline reporter is stuttering through her questions now.  At least she still looks good. 

2:47 – This game is somewhat entertaining due to the fact that these guys look like they actually care.  Mike Ryan gets stuffed on a breakaway, shocking.  A total of 22 shots so far in the first with only 4 goals.  The goalies are making them look bad.

14.3 – Team Canada takes the lead on a Brett Palin shot to finish off the first period.  Both goalies, Mike Brodeur and Cory Schneider, played really well to stop 26 of 31 shots on goal. 

2nd Period

- Back to game time.  The AHL jerseys don’t look half bad.  Goalies in net now are Barry Brust and Daniel Larsson.  Hopefully they can keep it competitive.

16:50 – Corey Locke scores his second of the night to take Team Canada to 4-2.  Poor Brett MacLean has been jipped on two goals tonight.  First he was late to tip in the Palin goal and Locke cleaned up the rebound on his initial shot.

15:56 – Bryan Helmer scores his first goal of the season, yes season, for a 5-2 Team Canada lead.

15:32 – Stay in your seats for this one, Mike Ryan scores to cut the Team Canada lead down to 5-3.  Was it Ryan that scored on his own net or was it Funk. I honestly can’t remember.

14:30 – For what became a goalie battle in the first is now a scoring fest in the second.  There is some defense going on but nothing to write home about.  A lack of AHL defense is a sight to see.

Alright, back to real life.  There is only so much all-star game a person can watch.  Sabres in Calgary tomorrow and actually on TV.  More stuff coming tomorrow.

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