Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Game That was Setup to Fail

This game had loss written all over it.  Second half of a back-to-back series, scoring an insane amount of goals the night before, and playing against a team that is fresher than the Sabres.  The Sabres didn’t disappoint on this claim either losing to the Flames 5-2.  After the Bertuzzi goal went in early in the third period you had to know and feel that the Sabres were not going to claw back into the game and try and get a point out of it. 

The effort was there though, the team just ran out of energy by the third.  This is evident in that they were outshot in the third 19-5.  Being outshot and essentially outplayed in the final period of what started as a tied game just showed they had nothing left in the tank.  I am a little surprised that they did not start Lalime against the Flames but not totally surprised.  It is two straight games for Miller after resting over the break, but he did look like he lost a lot of focus as the game wore down, letting in his fair share of softies toward the end of that game.  Don’t be surprised to see Lalime in Phoenix rather than Anaheim due to the fact that Anaheim is the scarier team. 

The one nice thing about MSG trying to save production costs on this road trip is that we as Sabres fans get to see the Canadian broadcasts in this case.  Unfortunately, I do not get CBC so I can’t enjoy Hockey Night in Canada as often as I would like.  The Canadian broadcasts are so much better though.  The camera angles are so that you can see the game and follow it better, the announcers actually show a passion for the game that is being played and not trying to tote an agenda that their American counterparts love to do.  Versus should just stop trying to produce games and just show the TSN feed in the States.  They do this during the playoffs to save production costs and it should be done during the regular season to just try and promote the game better.  What Versus has done to hockey is just shameful and doesn’t grow the league, it makes it worse.

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