Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sabres Survive the Hurricane

The Sabres continued their home winning streak against the Hurricanes on Saturday beating them 3-1.  Playing a predictable type of Sabres game, the team ended up holding on to the 3-1 lead by allowing Ryan Miller to do most of the work.

Miller stopped 36 of 37 including a barrage of shots in the third period.  It looked that the Sabres just ran out of steam after making the quick stop home from the Midwest.  Thankfully, they got off to a quick start.  Tim Connolly put in two and Teppo scored his second of the year. 

For the Hurricanes, Ray Whitney scored 17 seconds in the third on the typical Miller softie to ruin the shutout.  The Hurricanes have now lost five straight and still sit in 10th position while the Sabres still sit in 7th with 51 points.  They are 6 points behind the Flyers and one point ahead of the Penguins.

Unfortunately for the Sabres, not all the news coming out of the game was good.  Numminen ended up taking a puck off the face in the middle of the second period.  While he took his next shift, he ended up missing the third period and it was announced that he has a fractured jaw and will miss a considerable amount of time.  That leaves the Sabres down to six defensemen from the eight they had on the roster at one point.  More on that later this week.  Next up for the Sabres they head out on the road six games.  They will make the Florida Swing and a West Coast Swing before finally coming home February 4th. 

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