Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sabres/Oilers Gamenight




The Sabres travel to Edmonton for the first time since 2006.  A lot has happened since 2006 for both of these teams.  The major one though is Kevin Lowe.  We all remember Lowe very well as the GM who tried to steal Vanek away from us, forcing us to pay way too much money for him.  Honestly, can we thank him now?  Is anyone taking a look at the three signings we could have had that summer and grateful for the one we do have:

Briere:  9 GP, 5 Goals, 9 Points, $888,888.88/point

Drury:  48 GP, 15 Goals, 31 Points, $229,032.25/point

Vanek:  47 GP, 28 Goals, 43 Points, $186,046.51/point

Now it would have never been possible for the Sabres to sign all three of these players at the rates they are at.  It would kill their cap and they wouldn’t field a team.  But it is nice to see we were force to the right player.

On to the current team, the Sabres head into this game down another defensemen, Tallinder was injured during the Tampa game, so the Sabres bring up Marc Andre Gragnani.  Which means that Portland is completely tapped of defensemen themselves.  On the Edmonton side, it looks that Sam Gagner is going to miss  this game with a bum ankle.  The Oilers are in the same position as the Sabres, clinging onto the 6th position in the Western Conference, two points behind the Coyotes in 5th and two points behind the Wild in 9th.  The Sabres need to keep winning as the Hurricanes and Panthers are poised to gain ground in the weak Southeast Conference.  The Sabres are 6 points behind the Flyers who are in a slump of their own.

Game time is 9pm from Rexall and is on MSG.  Seriously it really is

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