Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bandits Travel to Edmonton for the Rexall Sweep





The Bandits travel to Edmonton tonight to take on the Rush and complete the Buffalo sweep of the city.  This will be the first matchup between these two teams.  This is the Rush’s fifth ye ar in the league. 

Both of these teams can be extremely dangerous.  Bob Hamley completely overhauled the Rush after he became their head coach and GM last season.  He continues to tinker with the lineup through trades including the last one he pulled off sending Ryan Benesch and Derek Suddons for a handful of picks.  Late last season, one of many Hamley trades included sending Mike Accursi to Buffalo for Dan Teat. 

The Rush have a bunch of big guns in the offense including Benesch and Teat.  Teat was named the offensive player of the week for scoring five goals in last week’s loss against the Roughnecks.  They also have a pretty good goalie that knows a thing or two about Buffalo shooters in Steve Dietrich.  Dietrich of course was with the Bandits from 2002-2007 and was traded to Calgary as part of the Sean Greenhalgh trade. 

The Bandits should have a hard time on their hands with this game and it could most likely be their first loss of the season.  The Swarm were a tough team and so are the Rush.  With what appears to be no changes on the injury front, the defense needs to stand tall and Ken Montour, who should be starting based on the rotation, needs to be as good as he has been in the first two games.

Game time is 9 pm from Rexall.  Can be seen on and heard on 1520 AM. 

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