Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where 10 Is Always Enough

The Sabres came out on their first game of their four game road trip with a bang.  Stafford scored 10 seconds in the first and the Sabres never looked back, crusing to a 10-2 win.  West coast games are always fun for me due to the fact that it gives me an excuse to stay up late.  Its even more fun when the game you stay up for is incredibly entertaining. 

The Oilers looked really, really sloppy and Dwayne Roloson got absolutely no help from his defense on the first eight shots.  Of course, it wasn’t like many of those shots were ankle breaking, amazing highlight reel goals, but they were goals that were going to be tough to stop.  Ryan Miller on the other hand, looked really good.  But the two goals that he let in were more on the soft side.  The first goal from Cole deflected off of Miller and Miller looked visibly upset over it.  The second one, Miller went down way too early and the Nilsson scored rather easily.  Of course this is the mantra for Miller, when the team is cruising he loses focus rather easily and gives up the easy goals.

The main story line that came out of this game is Stafford’s hat trick against his uncle’s team, being the equipment manager and all.  That is all well and good, but the true player of the game was Craig Rivet.  So Rivet had only 2 assists and was a +1 for the game.  But the dude battled back after Penner kicked him in the well, you know.  What made that clip more entertaining was that the Oilers announcer at first thought that the puck hit him in the skate.  Which would exactly be the reason that Rivet would be down on the ice for a good period of time.  Rivet battled back and played the rest of the game and hopefully for our sakes, he is just fine. 

All in all, this team looked really good against a bad team.  Heading into Calgary is probably going to be a tougher test and the Sabres will most likely fail.  They usually do in the second half of back to back games with a record of 2-5-2 and are 1-4-2 when the second game is on the road.  For now, lets enjoy the drubbing and worry about tomorrow when tomorrow gets here.

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  1. It was a great game wasn't it. I would love to contact you through e-mail to talk about a few Sabres related things. Is there a way to contact you? You can e-mail me at