Friday, January 23, 2009

Quick Hits After a Week Long Break

So after taking a week off from blogging due to the fact that my life is just too busy to blog, here are some thoughts from the past week.

- The Sabres always seem to get too much sun while going on the Florida road trip.  Usually though, they lose in Sunrise while kicking the crap out of Tampa.  This time it was the other way around.  Considering the Tampa game was the second game of the two, it makes sense.

- The West coast swing as officially been announced as not on TV.  Also, the radio feed is going to seem odd with Rick Jeanneret not being on the mike for the four games.  He is being replaced by a trio of announcers: Curt Keilback, Kevin Sylvester, and Paul Hamilton.  Keilback I am not familiar with, but Sylvester and Hamilton are somewhat solid picks.  Sylvester will grow into the role while Hamilton has the experience calling Niagara games but this will be his first Sabres game.

- Mark Steenhuis and Ken Montour are named players of the week for Offense and Defense. After their performances against Rochester, it should not be surprising.  Speaking of Rochester, according to the Democrat and Chronicle, the Knighthawks are expecting Pat O’Toole back in net for them against the Titans.  Also, the Wings are expecting Athan Iannucci back this weekend against the Blazers.  Both additions will make those teams that much better.

- In other Bandits news, Rich Kilgour has announced that this will be his final season with the Bandits.  This comes after being hired by Niagara County Community College as their men’s lacrosse coach.  Kilgour has said he will leave the Bandits to focus on recruiting and coaching for NCCC.  Best of luck to him and here’s to raising another banner in his honor.  His number will most likely be retired next to his brother’s on the Bandits floor.

Bandits/Swarm preview coming later today and most posts coming after that. 

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