Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Globe and Mail: Informal Talk about another Expansion Team in Toronto

The NHL governors are kicking around an idea to put another franchise in Toronto with Jim Balsillie being the owner of the team. The new team would share the Air Canada Center with the Leafs. Here is the article from the Globe and Mail.

The Sabres would be fine with another team in Toronto. There are fears among the governors that a second team might hurt the Sabres attendance especially if the team was in Hamilton. If the team was in Toronto, the attendance issues would not be that bad.

A second team in Toronto has some pros and cons. First, a new rivalry would be instantly born. The second team in Toronto would have the same quality of fan that the Leafs have and that would instantly create a hatred for them as well. Second, it gives another reason to road trip to Toronto. Unfortunately, it likely would mean a reshuffling of the divisions and the Sabres would most likely be the odd team out in the reshuffle. With two teams in Toronto, the Northeast would have Toronto (1), Toronto (2), Ottawa, Montreal, Boston. The Sabres would probably be shifted to the Atlantic. Therefore, the rivalries between the Canadian teams would lack.

A second team in Toronto should also not be an expansion team. With the Predators and the Coyotes seriously needing help to keep their teams afloat, if the NHL is considering this proposition moving one of these teams would be a better option for the viability of the league rather than bringing a new team into the league.

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