Friday, October 10, 2008

Sabres/Canadiens Live Blog

The cushy comforts of the living room is the venue for tonight's live blog. Bare with me through this for two reasons, reason 1 this is my first live blog and it should be fairly entertaining. Reason 2, I have a fantasy draft during the game so I will basically update what my BfloBlog team is going to look like. So enjoy.

7:03 By the way, the Sabres show so far, not all that entertaining. Maria Genero needs to show more skin. At least it would more fun.

7:05 Right now, just want to hear RJ's voice. Could Maria Genero be the ultimate puckbunny. She just took the job just to score with the team. Again, more skin would help.

7:07 Ales Kotalik just broke Genero's heart by telling her that he had a girlfriend. According to Amy at Shots at the Crossbar though, girlfriend still means single. By the way, Kotalik should talk to the Sabrestyle designers and try and come up with a better style for the hats.

7:10 Good to see Drury fall on his ass to start the pregame warmup.

7:11 Switched over to the Panthers/Hurricanes. Really like the FSN scoreboard.

7;15 Balloons and a bad anthem singer at MSG. At least they started the season right in Prague.

7:17 By the way, if you couldn't tell, we are switching through the Center Ice free preview and the Sabres Show. Really ready for this game to start.

7:21 Patrick Elias makes a nifty move on DiPietro but DiPietro makes the save.

7:30 Game time, thank god.

7:32 Rotten Melon Head, or Tim Connolly is a scratch for tonight's game. Great start to a contract year. MacArthur playing center on the 4th line.

7:34 Sabres using the Bandits entrance for the home opener and they botch it bad. Still waiting on Lydman. Honestly Swennie does this better than RJ, never thought I would write those words.

7;43 Its good to see the old crest at center. Thank god they didnt change that for the season.

7:45 In the early portions of the game the Sabres are showing spunk. I like spunk.

7:47 That didn't take long. Lang scores in his Canadians debut. There went the spunk. Miller out of position on the deflection.

7:48 This fourth line is not scary. Is anyone scared by Peters/MacArthur/Kaleta

7:50 Paille levels Briesbois and then draws the penalty. Paille will be a beast this season. This powerplay needs to score here and its not looking good now.

7:52 You can tell this is the first game of the season due to the fact I have no idea how long the powerplay has left but this first one was well awful. Bad start.

7:55 If Blue really came from hot girls on skates, there would be no other liquid consumed. Ever.

7:56 Vanek shoots instead of passing and does what he does best. Scores. Game all tied at 1.

7:58 Price makes the nice save on the Pominville breakaway. Not much you can do about that one.

8:00 Kaleta makes a nice hit and then the Sabres draw another penalty. Powerplay number 2 which was quickly negated by Roy. 4-4 time. First pick in the draft, Malkin. Thats what you get when you draft third.

8:02 Miller looks to be in good form with that glove save. He should be in great form with time to rest. Lalime should be a good option.

8:04 Quick penalty by Numminen, this probably wont be pretty.

8:05 Good to see that the rotating captain gets hurt 12 minutes into the game. Sort of.

8:08 Powerplay looks much much better on the third time around. Vanek is looking like a beast. Probably will disappoint in my fantasy team but should be fun to watch.

8:14 Not much to report on the game. Last few picks on my fantasy team were Cammalleri and Hejduk. Period comes to an end with the score tied at 1. Time to take a break until the second period.

8:36 During the break, we were flipped over to the Hurricanes/Panthers and watched the wonder that is Southeast division defense. Vokoun gave up a slapper from the blue line and saw the puck the whole way. Sabres pouring it on again as well to start the second.

8:37 Wouldn't surprise me if Craig Patrick was ordering a mid game snack on his microphone.

8:39 Roy makes a nice feather pass to Paille and Price makes another good save on the odd man rush. Seeing a lot of that in this game against a good defense.

8:43 Would you be scared by a defense that looks like Seidenberg, Frantisek Kaberle, Gleason, Wallin, Pitkanen, and Corvo. Or Ballard, Bouwmeester, Bryan Allen, Cory Murphy, Brian McCabe, and Nick Boynton. Didn't think so.

8:46 Good to see that Max's moves have not changed from last season to this one. With the fact that Max always tries to do too much with the puck and defenders can read him well, he should really keep his game more simple.

8:48 Lydman makes the save of the game by stopping the puck behind Ryan Miller before it crosses the line. And it was millimeters from crossing the line.

8:52 Guy Carbonneau is probably as good of a coach as he was a player. That is a scary thought with this dangerous Canadian team.

8:54 Good to see that Harry Neale has grown into the color commentator position this year and not talking over the play as much as he did last year. I think that one of the reasons this commentating team is so good beside the fact of the timelessness of RJ is that they do radio and TV which means that there is more calling the play of the game and less of the analysis.

8:59 Max needs Connolly to be healthy because they work so well together. Max looks really lost tonight.

9:00 Why would a company become the official anything of the NHL. Especially stuff that makes no sense to the game. Like Bridgestone, the official tire of the NHL. Who really thinks about the NHL when they are making a decision on tires.

9:03 Sabres are out playing the Canadians in this second period. They just cannot solve Carey Price right now. Price is keeping this team in this game.

9:06 End of 2, still tied at 1.

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