Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This Game Does Not Exist

Lets just say that now. This game can be forgotten as quickly as it was played. Unfortunately we lost to the Senators which is always depressing but honestly after they went down 4-0 I started watching the Monday Night Football game.

Bucky has a great article out in the News today about the World Juniors. Here is the end of it:

Sen. Charles Schumer was quick to jump on board with the world juniors last week, evidenced by his office releasing a statement that broke a confidentiality agreement with USA Hockey and the Sabres about the announcement. Neither organization was too pleased, but he has time to make amends.

You want to jump on board, Chuck? Start using your influence to pool resources that can spruce up the downtown area in the next two years. Find a solution to the skeletal remains of a casino deal gone wrong. Help get money in here for the waterfront. Fix a few broken windows. Buy some paint and plant some bushes. That way, visitors don’t leave thinking New York in general and Buffalo in particular is a dump.

The Sabres stuck out their necks and guaranteed USA Hockey some $5 million. The 10-day tournament will pump an estimated $20 million, according to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, into the local economy. The organizing committee in Ottawa was given $2 million by the provincial government. Canada’s federal government is coughing up $750,000 for three such events in the next four years.

For all the criticism in the recent past, the Sabres should be applauded for their work in landing this one without asking for a penny. In some ways, their work reflects hockey’s effect on Buffalo and Buffalo’s effect on hockey. It confirms what we’ve known for years. This is a true, blue hockey town. And it’s exciting.

I love the fact that Bucky is absolutely railing on Schumer and the fact that he always takes credit for everything good that happens here. Which most of the time isn't true. Schumer does this with the Bills as well just to shore up his image here. Its good to see Bucky actually complement management as well after he has relentlessly railed on them for the past two years.

Oh, the Blue Footed Booby is just going to the whole team. They just laid an egg as a whole tonight.

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